pageInterviewingThere is more to an applicant than that which is written in his/her resume. An applicant’s demeanor could also provide a gold mine of insights. This is why HRSelect puts a premium on in-depth interviews. Our staff is well equipped to conduct insightful evaluations.


  • Skill
  • Level of Experience
  • Attitude
  • Interest
  • Working Style

Types of Interview Conducted:

  1. Telephone Screening – sift candidates based on criteria such as educational attainment, required skills or employment objective.
  2. In-person screening interview – verify candidate’s qualifications and establish a preliminary impression of the candidate’s personality.
  3. Selection Interview – conducted by the decision-maker/s to probe further if the candidate is fit for the position.
  4. Work sample interview – where candidates are given the opportunity to “show their wares” (i.e., a graphic artist may be asked to display his portfolio, a salesperson to do a mock sales pitch, or a writer to do an article on the spot.
  5. Group Interview – Panel Interview – consists of three or more people interviewing the candidate about his or her credentials, experience and skill.
  6. Video Conference Interview – enables employers to save travel costs and still have, in effect person-to-person interview.