Full Cycle Recruitment

HRSelect has a thorough and detailed understanding of your business needs. With our topnotch selection skills, we guarantee our clients that their job orders are handled with confidentiality and utmost attention is given to every last detail by HRSelect’s best- in-class recruiters who are experts in a wide diversity of disciplines.

Our pool of experienced recruitment professionals is very capable to see through a full recruitment life cycle, from candidate attraction to relocation management and post-placement support. Projects and recruitment strategies are tailor cut to individual client requests. Once we have identified your company’s requirements, we will work with you to define a customized sourcing strategy, which will be determined by both skill and cultural fit requirements.

The Full-Cycle Recruitment process involves the following steps:

Successful Placements:

“Unlike other career consultants who try to force-fit people into jobs that do not necessarily meet their objectives, HRSelect focused mainly on my career goals and worked hard to find just the suitable one for me. HRSelect took into consideration, above all else, both my mid-term and short-term plans. The staff was very patient yet deliverate in meeting my needs and this led me to my dream job that I wanted here in Abu Dhabi, UAE.”

Kris Lee,
BS Management Information Systems – Ateneo de Manila Uniersity,
former Unit Manager of Del Monte Philippines

“The professional and supportive services personally provided by HRSelect has been extremely helpful in assisting me achieve my career goals. HRSelect was very good at helping me find what I wanted, not shoving me into what they had. This happens a lot with headhunters. They act like they are in it to make a buck, not make a client happy.

Searchng for a job is tough. Finding the right job is even more difficult. A career change is a big thing. I want someone to help me, not push me. HRSelect have done that very well.”

Angela Tiangco
BA Behavioral Science – University of the Philippines,
Former United Nations Specialist of the United Nations Development Program, New York