We have worked with a variety of industries but most of our clients are in the field of engineering and hospitality; hiring from staff to leadership roles. We have catered manpower services to clients from across the globe and have worked on various projects related to the following industries:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Advertising and Media
  • Hotel and Restaurant
  • Information Technology
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Energy (Power Plants)
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Manufacturing

“HRSelect has provided me with a responsive, flexible and cost-effective solution for the challenges of staffing an International company. Prior to engaging HRSelect, staffing consumed the majority of my time and drove down production; we now focus on core business issues and rely on HRSelect’s proven superb performance to satisfy all of our staffing needs.”

William Johnson
Resolute Construction Management

“The speed and efficiency of the way HRSelect operates is remarkable and the quality of their results, outstanding! We have repeatedly required their services and are yet to be disappointed with what they have supplied. I am often astounded by their seemingly innate ability to cater to our customized needs.”

Stephen Escude
Vice President of Operations – Middle East
Lakeshore Engineering Services

“I am very pleased as to how HRSelect has tailored their list of applicants sent for the various positions within the organization I work for. They have provided the required manpower, with the desired educational background and experience, within a swift time frame. This has made keeping up with increasing requirements of both quality and production much easier for our organization.

HR Consultant
Sohar Aluminium